Worthy Wednesday: Try Everything & Go For It!

Melanie Briggs

This week’s Worthy Wednesday focuses on a special person in my life – Melanie Briggs. At the age of 25, Melanie has started her own Casting Office and is breathing new air into the world of casting in Philly.

Melanie was one of the first people who encouraged me to start producing. She made it seem so easy and available. I remember a conversation we had about working in a restaurant and wanting more in life. How can we find avenues in life to help live our dreams and reach our goals? Shortly after Melanie made me send her a script I had shelved for almost a year. I got a text a few hours later from Melanie, “I’m crying right now, its so good. We need to do this.” And I did. That script became my first short film, is currently in post and set to be previewed by November this year.

I asked Melanie when she knew she wanted to be a casting director, “When I was auditioning for a role that I didn’t want just because I wanted a job.” She realized her love for the business, the audition room and being around the actors, but wanted to be on the other side of the table.

I  recently asked her what the ultimate goal of Melanie Briggs Casting is, “To find a great balance between work and life. It’s more about enjoying what I’m doing rather than becoming a major Casting Office.”

I hate to break the news to her but I think she is well on her way to becoming the next big thing in Philly, New York and then the world!

Melanie Briggs is holding an Acting Workshop in Philly for actors ages 11-13 on October 16, and one for ages 14-17 on November 6th. Please visit her website and join her facebook for more info.



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