Worthy Wednesday: Ezra Mabengeza

This week’s Worthy Wednesday spotlights Ezra Mabengeza – a man on the rise.

Recently, I sat down with Ezra to talk about his current project – A Season in the Congo, African politics and taking life by its horns. The interview will be added shortly!

In his current role in A Season in the Congo, Ezra Mabengeza plays the late Patrice Lumumba – a Congolese independence leader and the country’s first elected Prime Minister. But his talent doesn’t stop there, he’s also a talented photographer with his work displayed in different countries.

One of the most inspiring thing Ezra shared with me was what the word hope means. “Hope use to be a wish, but hope is much more active than just a wish. Oh I hope to pass my exam, NO go study.”

Yes, we can hope our dreams come true one day, but only when we take that hope, turn it into action and dedicate ourselves that we can see it become reality. And that is what Ezra and Meganda Films is doing – turning hope into reality. And after speaking with Ezra, you can sense he is making moves.

A Season in the Congo runs through October 17th at the Lion Theater in New York City, so don’t miss your chance to see Ezra Mabengeza in this brilliant play!

Interview with Ezra Mabengeza from Africa Didn’t Ask You:


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