This Weeks Worthy Wednesday: Turn off the Dark

Last week I had the pleasure to watch a preview performance of the highly anticipated new musical Spider Man- Turn off the Dark. By the grace of God or maybe pure dumb luck, I was invited to the show and was given 5th row orchestra seats. Our amazing seats made it feel like we could reach out and touch the stage.

This past summer I spent a lot of my time at Steps on Broadway taking Cherice Barton’s dance classes, where we spent much of our time learning a lot of the choreography from Spider Man. Her choreography was some of the hardest and exciting choreography I have ever had the pleasure to dance. My interest was instantly peaked, and couldn’t wait to see what else she was going to bring to the table, what choreography they would use and wanting to see more.

Now maybe I am a little bias because my first love will always be dance, but in my opinion the dancers were the best part of the show.

Overall, I would still say if you want to see the play, go out and see it, run don’t walk, because I’m really not sure how long the show will last on Broadway.  At very least the dancing and the ‘flying’ will keep your attention and you will get a chance to watch a play that will go down in history. A show that attempted to do something that has never been done on Broadway.


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