Worthy Wednesday: Sarah Meier-Albano’s take on Hip Hop and the Motherland

This morning I got an exciting and Worthy email from my beautiful, wonderful, and talented cousin Ms. Sarah Meier-Albano about her first ever internationally published blog for Brooklyn Bodega.  This weeks Worthy Wednesday spotlights a milestone for Sarah Meier-Albano.

Sarah’s career began as a supermodel/fashionista and most famously known as a VJ for MTV ASIA.  She was always someone who inspired me and now seeing her progress from gracing the covers of magazines to now the internet world with her mighty words, my inspiration continues to grow.

In the blog published this morning for Brooklyn Bodega Sarah finds a way to write a thoughtful piece by bridging her two loves: the Philippines and Hip Hop.

Here is a little peak at her blog:

To cross over from a nation that merely sits on the receiving end of Hip Hop into a contributing factor in its global culture, is where the current question of ability lies. Granted, we have some major players –- DJ Qbert, Babu of Dilated Peoples, Apl.de.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas (you can discuss amongst yourselves the validity of BEP’s inclusion in this), DJ Neil Armstrong, and Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D. are just some examples of Filipinos representing music alone –- while the number of heads in the other facets of lifestyle (dance, clothing, art) are significant. Still, these are Filipinos that no longer live on our shores, and the obstacles are different.

The motherland harbors undeniable talent, every child is almost programmed to dance and sing –- to create, or perform. The artistry and skill are practically ingrained in our DNA. So why have talents from our shores only now started to create waves in international waters?

Check out the rest of her blog at Brooklyn Bodega it will be Worth taking a moment on your Wednesday!


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