Worthy Wednesday- Words from Denzel!

I cheated on my Fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams
– Denzel Washington

This week’s Worthy Wednesday is a quote from the great, and might I add, handsome Denzel Washington.

Earlier this week a great friend (JEN) emailed me this quote. The email was without a subject line but I knew it had to be something good because it was coming from Jen. I clicked on the email and read this quote. The email didn’t read anything else, and it was something I needed to hear or read at that very moment. I thought to myself, I want to share this with everyone, and maybe just as I needed to hear this at that moment, maybe someone else needs to hear it right now.

Denzel’s career is one people dream about and that quote encompasses so much about what we do, or rather what we need to do as actors, as writers, as creative people, because our fear is what holds us back from reaching our dreams. Our faith in ourselves or in something greater is what we need to hold on to, and the hope above all hope is that we allow ourselves to become united with our dreams.  It’s up to us to peel away the fear and doubt and dive into the faith in ourselves and we will unite with our dreams.

I hope you enjoy the quote, and maybe if you didn’t need to hear this right now, maybe it will be something you take with you.

Thanks Denzel!

and Thanks Jen.



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