Worthy Wednesday: What Would Wu Eat?

How is this week’s title a tongue twister of alliteration?

Meganda Films is excited to present, What Would Wu Eat?, directed by our very own Carolyn Tran.

Recently I took two of my favorite things, food and film, and put them together creatively. In preparation for Eat Elmhurst restaurant week, I filmed Mitch and Tiffany tasting the flavors of Elmhurst. We visited three spots: Lao Kou Wei, Chao Thai and Kung Fu Tea. If you have never been to Elmhurst, a diverse neighborhood in the heart of Queens, you’re definitely missing out on good food. Delicious authentic Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian food can be found within a 3 mile stretch. The neighborhood has a charm to it that’s only unique to Queens and each time I visit Elmhurst its place in my heart grows bigger. Take a look at this short food review of Elmhurst and do yourself a favor and take a trip out to Elmhurst if you live or ever visit NYC.

What Would Wu Eat? follows host Mitch Wu as he visits different neighborhoods to find delicious dishes at the best deal. It is a collaborative project between Mitch and Carolyn and presented by Meganda Films. Visit What Would Wu Eat? to see what Wu eats next.



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