Worthy Wednesday: MBC- Casting Tips from Melanie Briggs Casting

This weeks Worthy Wednesday showcases a Meganda Films guest. With the launch of our new website we launched a ‘GUESTS’ page; where Meganda Films guests share a little knowledge with you. This Wednesday we want to showcase our  guest MBC-Melanie Briggs Casting. Continue to check back to catch more of her Casting Tips.

Melanie Briggs is a freelance casting director and acting teacher in Philadelphia, PA. Her company casts everything from short films to industrials, musicals, commercials and feature films, union and non union. She has developed a program in Philly to teach children and adults the art of auditioning and is here to share some noteworthy tips on how to break into the business.

Tip #2

Leave your nerves at home!

            When auditioning, understand that every audition is going to be different. Sometimes there is one friendly person in the room, sometimes there is 5+ non friendly people behind a long table. Sometimes you will have sides ahead of time, sometimes you won’t. You never know what to expect. The important thing to remember is that you are there to show them who you are, no matter what disposition the people in the room may have. So leave your nerves at home, walk through the door and be yourself.
             I love when someone walks into the room friendly and authentic and shows me that they are truly excited to be auditioning for me. Have fun with the process. I know it can be tiring and grueling and exhausting, but the moment you let the nerves go and have fun, that’s when it will happen for you. Auditioning is part of the process and every performer has to do it. So prepare, be prompt and most of all be happy to be there. Make that audition your priority for the day and I guarantee you will get more callbacks and more bookings. Not only that, but you’ll find yourself enjoying the process more and that will be enough to keep you inspired ❤

Melanie Briggs
Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC.

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