Worthy Wednesday: Oakademy

For the next two weeks we’ll be spotlighting our collaborators for More Than A Game 3vs3 Basketball Tournament 

We were first introduced to Oakademy when Megan met Wes at an event last year and we were quickly impressed by their mission and drive (plus they represent Oakland and we have lots of love for the Bay). Founder Wes Mapes founded Oakademy in 2006 and have planted locations in both California and NYC. Oakademy is definitely making moves and we’re excited to be teaming up for our first ever 3vs3 basketball tournament.

Oakademy is a lifestyle label that primarily focuses on music, art and creative consultation. They started solely as a music label, but naturally morphed into something larger when they expanded to fine art to encompass all that they found pleasing to the eye and ear. They have grown to amass a top notch roster of recording and fine artists, as well as an exceptional lifestyle and creative consulting team.

Make sure to visit OAKADEMY to find out what they’re all about and what the name represents.


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