Worthy Wednesday: XHIBIT P

Another week of spotlighting our collaborator for More Than A Game 3vs3 Basketball Tournament – 

Xhibit P

Xhibit P is a virtual gallery that uses pop culture to think critically about social issues in the world. We love the way Xhibit P is making their own moves and provoking social thinking at the same time. Recently, I caught up with Patrice Peck, founder of Xhibit P and asked her a couple of questions about her company.

MF: How have people reacted to the mission of your organization?

XP: People have really taken to Xhibit P’s mission, which is to put pop into perspective. We have received such a positive and welcoming reception from online viewers all over the world! Our mix of events, exhibitions, and parties that we provide has allow us to cultivate a growing interest in these viewers, both old and new. Pop culture is fun and bubbly while the discussion of social issues involves deep, critical analysis and a sense of urgency, so to combine these elements into both online and live events really excites people. Especially people eager to make a change through creative, alternative methods. Because we aim to stay consistent with these events and exhibitions–ie. have them on a monthly basis–we’ve amassed a very loyal, awesome audience in a relatively short amount of time.

Check out the rest of the interview after the cut.

MF:What makes your company different?

XP: We provide the pop culture that most online viewers usually receive from their favorite gossip and celeb blogs, but in a more substantial manner. We also provide the critical analysis and social commentary on current and on-going social issues and events that online viewers usually get from their favorite online editorial publication. In other words, we’ve got the best of both worlds! On top of that we provide both of those elements not only through writing, art, film  and events as well, so that readers have a multidimensional experience.

MF:What made you want to create Xhibit P?

XP: Being a 90’s baby and for other reasons I’ve yet to determine, I’m a bonafide pop culture junkie. I also consider myself to be a cultural critic and social advocate of many issues, including racism and homophobia, which don’t receive nearly as much attention as pop culture. So, I decided to marry the two in order to spark and encourage critical social discussions in an engaging and new manner. As I like to tell people, XHIBIT P is that proverbial spoon of sugar that helps the medicine go down, so to speak.

MF: What is next for Xhibit P?

XP: We’ll be undergoing some big changes towards the end of the summer and we can’t wait to share this next stage of Xhibit P with everyone! To stay up to date on all exhibitions and events, we encourage viewers to join our Facebook Fan Page. What are you waiting for? Head over now 🙂


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