Worthy Wednesday: Planking? Really?

Yesterday I was hanging out with friends and the subject of planking came up. We all looked at each other with the same wonderment, what is this planking thing? The question continued to plague me so I started to research the phenomenon. In trying to research about this new global craze, I kept coming across photos and clips of people planking with the same question: “What is this whole planking craze about? Where did planking come from?”

I was more than surprised to find out that planking is somehow related to slavery.  According to Kamil Abdullah, writer for The Hip Hop Democrat, slaves were forced to lay face down with their arms at their side as they made the “Middle Passage” transatlantic journey.

Looking at the photos and reading other blogs about the history I’m still unsure about where this craze began, or why it’s effecting us on a global level. I’m still stuck with the same question: why are people planking? Some people believe it’s a core strengthener and others see it as dangerous.  Personally, I can’t see myself getting behind this trend. I would have to agree with Melanie Fiona, who tweeted:

 “You will never catch me face down. I keep my feet to the ground and my
head held high. If I fall on my ass, I get back up and try.”

What do you think?


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