Worthy Wednesday: AMIGO

Today’s Worthy Wednesday is a must see movie: AMIGO, a fictional story about the Philippine-American War.  The film was written and directed by John Sayles and is currently in limited release. If you are in the New York area the film is being showed at the AMC Empire 25 on 42nd Street until this Friday August 26th. The much talked about film in the Filipino community screened at 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, and this August it had it’s New York premier this August at the 2011 Asian American International Film Festival.

220px AMIGO Poster Theatrical Film: Amigo.

During the US occupation of the Philippines in 1900, a squad of American soldiers settle in a small, rural village and learn how to live and negotiate with the natives. Headed by a respected elder, referred to as “Amigo,” the villagers are forced to deal with this foreign presence as rules are set, curfews introduced and small attempts at democracy initiated. At the same time, the village must navigate its tense relationship with a rebel group leading the resistance to the occupation. Amigo’s brother is the rebel leader, and his son runs off to join them, so he constantly finds himself torn between balancing what is right for the village and what this means to his family.


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