Worthy Wednesday: Film School or No Film School?

This youtube hit has been circulating around the internet with positive feedback that we had to share it with you. Video Film School or No Film School examines the timeless question – can you buy education?

Filmmakers Patrick Epino and Steven Dypiangco of The National Film Society takes a satirical, yet honest look at the differences, and not so different, results of attending a state college versus an ivy league institution for film school. “Four thousand for three years or $40,000 for one year?” What do you think, film school or no film school?

Patrick is also a friend here at Meganda Films and Carolyn met this budding filmmaker when both of them were attending San Francisco State University. Check out his feature length film Mr. Sadman – a film that takes place in 1990, before the First Gulf War. Mounir, a Saddam Hussein body-double, loses his job and moves to Los Angeles in search of a new start. But when the real Saddam invades Kuwait, Mounir finally learns the truth about the Iraqi dictator and vows to shed his Saddam persona forever. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to be anyone else.


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