MBC-Casting Tip #003

 Always Know Who You Are Talking To

With monologues and songs it is SO important that you take the time to decide who you are speaking to in the audition piece. So often actors say “I’m talking to myself, or I’m singing to the other character in the scene.” This puts you at a disadvantage for many reasons.

Make the person you are talking to more specific. Make them someone you know well and have or had a relationship with. This will make it more realistic for you. You need to decide what emotion it is you are feeling in the piece and think about the last time you felt that way. Who did you tell? That’s who you should be speaking to in the monologue/song. The reason you can’t be talking to yourself is because it’s unrealistic. No one would be sitting at home singing and talking to themselves. Involve the audience or casting director by making it real and natural and allowing who ever is watching to relate with your experience. This starts with knowing who you are speaking to in the piece. Decide it ahead of time, PRACTICE talking to them, picture their face in the back of the audition room and recall the last time you felt that emotion in your real life. If casting can see your focus and understand your emotion, you are miles ahead of your competition!

Melanie Briggs
Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC.


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