Worthy Wednesday: (1)ne Drop Project

Photo from The (1)ne Drop Project by Noelle Théard

The topic of race has always been a contentious issue in this country and often times the way it is explored and discussed becomes redundant and dormant. So it’s always refreshing to come across work that takes a new path in dissecting the complications of race and forces us to think more critically about how it impacts our everyday life. The (1)ne Drop Project aims to do just that – to awaken a long-overdue and much needed dialogue about racial identity and skin color politics. 

The (1)ne Drop Project explores the other” faces of Blackness – those who may not immediately be recognized, accepted, or embraced as “Black” in this visually racialized society. Through portrait documentaries (book and film), photography exhibitions, and public programming, the project intends to raise social awareness and spark community dialogue about the complexities of Blackness as both an identity and a lived reality.

The (1)ne Drop project is a collaboration between Africana Studies scholar Yaba Blay, Ph.D. and photographer Noelle Théard to produce a photo essay book that explores the “other” faces of Blackness. Check out the project’s Kickstarter campaign and help them reach their goal to complete this amazing work.

Also, follow (1)ne Drop on Twitter or Facebook.


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