Worthy Wednesday: The Fartiste – The Musical

Early last week I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Kopf, a rising actress in the off-broadway musical The Fartiste. This show began as a Fringe Festival production of which Rachel Kopf was a part of, in 2006.  It went on to win Best Original Musical in the Fringe for that year.  There are four original cast members in this current production; Rachel Kopf, Kevin Kraft (Joseph Pujol), Steven Scott (sound effects man), and Nick Wyman (Aristide Bruant)  who also happens to be the current president of Actors Equity Association.  It’s a great team and everyone is thrilled to have a chance to bring this show to fruition.

The Fartiste

The Fartiste tells  the spectacularly true story of Joseph Pujol, whose derriere propelled  him to being the highest-paid performer at the Moulin Rouge in 1890’s  Paris, complete with Can-Can dancers!

This musical comedy will tickle the funny bone of all ages with melodic score and dancing. 

For Tickets: Click here

A Highly Accomplished Show

Photos courtesy of http://thefartiste.com/


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