MBC-Casting Tips #004

 Being Accountable for Your Career:

My suggestions on how to take control of your career
(minus the sugar coating)

So many actors have the idea that “it will just happen” or “I’ll be one of the lucky ones.” In my opinion, you need to completely drop these idealistic thoughts. You should be approaching your career with a willingness of giving it everything you have in you. You can’t think the journey is going to be an easy ride. Instead you need to becomeaccountable for your career. This starts with getting the right training, understanding that you don’t know it all! The next step is to become your own agent and not rely on someone else to hand you your dream- it’s not going to happen! You have to be willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. In order to be in full control of your career, I would suggest avoiding these common mistakes: Tips under the cut…

1.) Thinking you don’t need formal training, that you can make it big with the raw talent you were born with. No, sorry, you can’t! Find the best teachers, train your craft the best you can and realize that everyone is capable of improvement. Training should be a constant stop on your journey no matter what you have on your resume or how many important people you’ve worked with.

2.) Not showing up! If you have an appointment, show up! There is no excuse to not show up for an audition or appointment. I understand things come up, so send an email or make a phone call! Never, never be a no show- you will never, never get a second chance.

3.) Not being prepared. Know what and who you are auditioning for. Do the research on the casting and directing team. Find pictures if you can, bios and credits. You should know who you are auditioning for, what types of projects they work on and how you can create a relationship with them.The goal is to be personable and prepared which means doing your research ahead of time!

4.) Losing faith. If this is what you want, more than anything, you can’t lose faith. Be aware of the fact that this going to take time, work and perseverance. Understand that it might not come easy, but the roller coaster of good and bad times will all be worth it in the end. And when you have those moments of lost faith, remember you best work. It will reinspire you and remind you of how much you are capable of.

What I hope you can take from this is that you and only you can be accountable for your career. This is your journey and it’s going to be up to you to find where your journey leads you. Every decision you make is determining how badly you want this. So make those decisions clearly. And if this is what you want more than anything, give it everything you’ve got and don’t look back!

Melanie Briggs
Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC.


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