Worthy Wednesday: Big Change #2~ Guest Chef Joel Javier

This week we are spotlighting Guest Chef Joel Javier. Joel has come on board to help us celebrate Meganda Films turning TWO! Yesterday I got a sneak peek of the menu and I am super excited.

Joel Javier has most recently been a Sous Chef at Telepan and has been under the tutelage of Bill Telepan since the restaurant opened in December 2005. Prior to working with him, Joel had also worked under other great chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson, David Bouley, and Cesar Ramirez. He also worked as the Chef Expediter for the James Beard Awards VIP Dinner for the past 3 years. One of his more recent accomplishments was being a contestant on the popular Food Network show, Chopped. Till now, there is still a buzz about his controversial episode.

He recently returned to New York to spend the holidays with friends and family, but in the past 6 months, he had been traveling through Europe. He visited various cities in England, Italy, Spain, and Morocco to learn about different methods and flavor profiles. He also volunteered at various farms and restaurants to gain a deeper understanding of their ingredients. One such notable restaurant he worked at was St. John in London under Fergus Henderson.

Through the influence of his years at Telepan, Joel hopes to continue focusing on using great ingredients to create simple foods. Being Filipino, he aims to expose his native cuisine through its Spanish/European influences rather than the usual Asian roots. He plans on returning to Spain to explore more regions and then to the Philippines to learn more about the cuisine through the original sources – farmers and Lolas. By doing so, he hopes to come back to New York so he can shed new light on a cuisine that has still yet to be fully tapped.


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