Worthy Wednesday: That’s a Wrap on “At This Table”

Seasons Greetings Meganda Films supporters! We’ve been busy with projects and last weekend we wrapped on our short film, At This Table.

At this Table one night, over dinner, a family sits down and as the food starts to be eaten and the words and stories start to be shared the family starts to breakdown, and the same night, they finally put it back together.

I started to write At This Table almost two years ago. The short film started from a monologue I was writing while going through a very hard time in my life. Like I always say I can only write what  I know. The film doesn’t literally translate to any specific event in my life, but the emotions and the vision of a family dealing with tension and heartbreak over dinner isn’t something foreign for my Puerto Rican-Filipino (Mexican, Black-Japanese, Italian) family. As we started to move forward in production and as the cast and crew grew closer and closer together we found that family is family, and we all go through hard times. At the end of the day this film is about that resolve and the bond families have to overcome problems together.

We are excited to share our newest film, as we hope to have a sneak preview as we Turn Two on February 11, 2012.  Special thanks to our fabulous Director April Wilkner, Director of Photography Tom Kane, Sound mixer Will Whatley, First Assistant Director Cheryl Hescott, Second Assistant Director/Production Assistant Carolyn Tran, Casting Director Melanie Briggs, our amazing cast Michelle Sims, Tyrone Grant, Alexandra “Allie” Schulz, Graham Powell, Cynthia Bastidas, and Megan Segarra. A sincere thank you to my amazing mother, you are a Catherine Scorsese in the making.

Stay Tuned! We’ll see you all at the premiere. Cheers to the New Year. 2012 Here We Come!

Check out some of our behind the scenes photos below the cut!


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