Worthy Wednesday: Big Changes #5 ~ DJ Jungle Jane

We at Meganda Films continue to grow more excited about Turning Two, and we hope to see you all there. If you have not already, please RSVP at megandafilms@gmail.com to save a spot for you and your guests.

Tickets are a suggested $40 donation, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please join us as we celebrate our work from the last two years and share our vision for years to come.

We’re only weeks away from our second anniversary celebration and we hope to see you there. This week’s Worthy Wednesday spotlights DJ Jungle Jane, resident DJ for our anniversary brunch.

Saudy Tejada, aka Jungle Jane, spins a wide-rage of music genres tailored to your venue or party. Her main passion lies in providing a cultural experience through music stemming from the African Diaspora, the roots of where music began, influenced the birth of Samba, Palo, Bomba y Plena, Salsa, among others. Jungle Jane wants to take you back to a primitive era where technology was not prevalent and dancing and music was a staple in aboriginal tribe and people created music with the voices in their communities and beating of the drums. As they danced and played, they became storytellers expressed their soul, developed their natural creativity, and passed down their culture and traditions.

Growing up, Saudy was moved by the intricate sounds of drums and percussions present in the Afro-latino music, the rhythms always had a way of seeping in her soul and dancing became an outlet of expression for her to gain greater connection to her culture and ancestors. Now she hopes to share her passion through music by blending classic and current music hits with a twist of Afro-latino and global sounds… music that will make you want to get up and free yourself through the beat of the drums.

Jungle Jane is also a persona, yearning to escape a capitalist society to spiritually go back in time and value the simple things life when people had greater connection with each other and lived in a naturally clean environment. Today, it’s easy to get drawn and be guided by the media; convincing ourselves that happiness will come solely from material gain. Jane encourages the growth of other areas in life including spiritually, intellectually and emotionally, and further connection to the beauty of nature and consumption of foods in its natural state. Through music, Jungle Jane hopes to build a community that will embrace physical movements, create a synchronized tone with the mind, body and soul, and be fearless of connecting with their past to honor our ancestors.

Saudy Tejada received her Masters degree from The New School Milano in Non-Profit Management, B.A. degree at Fordham University, and A.A degree at Hostos Community College. In 2011, she completed DJ courses 101 and 202 at Scratch Academy and currently DJs in Soho at Diva Lounge/Restaurant on Tuesdays, which promotes the underground art scene through live painting.


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