Worthy Wednesday: How Much Are You Willing to Sacrifice by Melanie Briggs

Melanie Briggs is a freelance casting director and acting teacher in Philadelphia, PA. Her company casts everything from short films to industrials, musicals, commercials and feature films, union and non union. She has developed a program in Philly to teach children and adults the art of auditioning and is here to share some noteworthy tips on how to break into the business. Check out Melanie’s website for more information.

How Much Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Times are changing and so is this industry. Now-a-days, industry professionals are juggling multiple jobs including performing, directing, producing, teaching, casting, writing and sometimes a little bit of everything. With all of this multitasking comes sacrifice and leaves people to question, “how much am I willing to sacrifice for my career?” I myself have pondered this question more than once. We all want to do it all, be supernatural and break all boundaries of what we are expected to accomplish. We are not settling for being ordinary and are constantly trying to prove ourselves.

Sacrificing is definitely part of this business. That is, if you want to be successful in it. You are going to miss important family events because you have an audition, break plans with friends because something came up last minute and of course you’ll be sacrificing precious time for yourself.

But ask yourself this: Not how much are you willing to sacrifice, but how much should you sacrifice? Is anything worth losing your close relationships over or even worse, losing yourself? I think there has to be a balance, a balance that most industry professionals and talent have a difficult time finding.

My suggestion is this: Be willing to sacrifice a little. You are going to have to in order to make it in this business. But always make time for yourself and those closest to you. No doubt this business can be a selfish one, “every man for himself,” but I know from experience that there is a way to balance personal and professional aspects of your life. You have to find this balance. Without it, you will end up sacrificing too much. Either you sacrifice your career or you sacrifice your personal life. I truly believe this doesn’t have to be the norm.

Work hard on your craft, make important connections and keep moving forward. But always take the time to look back at those who have helped you get to where you are. They will most likely be the ones that are there for you when all the craziness is over. So cherish those relationships and don’t lose sight of the big picture. Will it be fun at the top if no one is there to celebrate with? And are you willing to make that sacrifice?


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