Worthy Wednesday: Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory

Last April we spotlighted fellow filmmaker Tony Nguyen and his film Enforcing the Silence, a documentary that uncovers the murder of a young Vietnamese community worker in San Francisco. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do yourself a favor and watch it. You can also purchase your own DVD for $20 by contacting Tony at enforcingthesilence-at-gmail-dot-com.

Well this week’s Worthy Wednesday highlights Tony’s latest project – Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory, a heartfelt story about Tony and his mother’s relationship seen through his mom’s last days at the factory before she retires. Tony explains:

When I found out my mother was finally retiring, I realized how little I knew about her job. I knew she worked in a factory but had no idea she made ironing boards. Returning home and filming my mother’s last day at work just felt like a natural thing to do and a good excuse to visit family in Indiana. I didn’t know it would allow me to finally talk with my mother about the past and our relationship.

Initially, I set out to make this film for only family and friends. But with the encouragement of others, especially producer Steven Okazaki, I started to see the merit in sharing this personal story with the wider public.

It’s an exciting project and we encourage  you to support and donate to the film! Visit the film’s kickstarter page on more information and to donate.



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