Worthy Wednesday: REMINDER! East WillyB Needs Your Help!

Dear Meganda Films friends and family, my great friend and producer Michael Shawn Cordero and the cast and crew of East WillyB need your help. As many of you may know Meganda Films works very hard with and for the indie film production community to inspire change in the industry and we believe East WillyB is doing just that. One of East WillyB’s angel donors just offered to cover the final $5,000! YES the final $5,000 if we as a community can raise $45,000…and we are almost there! All we need to do is raise $7,000 in the next 2.5 days.

The campaign ends on Friday, June 1st at 12noon and they need to raise all the funds or else they receive nothing!

Please help us support our friends over at East WillyB become the 1st Community-Funded Latino sitcom.

East of WillyB  has just 2.5 more days to raise 50K in 50 days… Let’s see if we can help them.

East WillyB was created to provide an alternative to the limited representations of Latinos in the mainstream media.

We at East WillyB understand the importance of capturing the multi-faceted Latino  experience in the United States because we have lived it and experienced it. We are the new generation Latino, some American born, some born in  America Latina, Spanglish speaking, ni de alli, ni de alla. Conceived in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, the series was created after our writers,  actors, and producers grew tired seeing the same limited portrayals of  Latinos featured in mainstream media. So instead, we took matters into  our own hands, creating and distributing the series directly through the web to our community…you.

We premiered our pilot season in April 2011 to give the world a taste of  our vision and were overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response. From  fans to bloggers to major new stations, the answer was clear, East  WillyB’s time was now. We received over 40,000 views within just 4 weeks of launching and were covered by TV, print and online media ranging from CNN Español, Daily News, Fox News Latino, MTV, Latina.com and more.

Meganda Films is an independent production company dedicated to supporting grassroots films that tell a great story. Our mantra is ‘Create, Grow and Why not?’ How can we create reality consciously, change Hollywood’s standards so it invites growth and if George Clooney can do it, why can’t I?


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