Worthy Wednesday: Worthy Reminder~At This Table Screening Party

Greetings Meganda Films friends and family,

June 30th is right around the corner so we wanted to send out a worthy reminder for the screening party of


AT THIS TABLE is the story of a blended family that has fallen apart.  One night, they all sit down over dinner to celebrate an engagement, but the absence of one family member brings forth the tensions that lay buried under the table and in their hearts.  As the food is served and the wine is poured, the family starts to breakdown, but that night, they attempt once and for all to begin to put it back together.

The screening party will be held at the Greenwich House Theatre on June 30 @ 7:30pm with cocktail reception and Q&A with our cast and crew to follow. Tickets to the screening and reception are $10 (all proceeds will benefit the film). Greenwich House Theatre is located at 27 Barrow Street between 4th Street and Seventh Avenue South.  You may RSVP Here.

Check out the trailer:

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/37452618 w=500&h=400]

Director – April Wilkner

Written and Produced by- Megan Segarra

Director of Photography – Tom Kane

Edited by- Jeremy Balon

Sound Mixer – Will Whatley

Post Production Color- Mike Bahrenburg

Assistant Director – Cheryl Hescott

Production Assistant – Carolyn Tran

Casting Director- Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC

Megan Segarra- Norah

Alexandra Schulz- Jocelyn

Graham Powell- William

Cynthia Bastidas- Aimee

Tyrone Grant- Joseph

Michelle Sims- Evelyn


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