Worthy Wednesday: The Blue Devils win 15th World Championship

Greetings Meganda Films! I am happy to announce with a score of 98.7, the Blue Devils landed a 1st place finish at the 2012 DCI World Championships. The undefeated group also won Best Color Guard, Best Visual Performance, Best Percussion, and Best General Effect.

As some of you may or may not know I fell in love with color guard at the prime age of 10. In the 5th grade, I would watch the color guard practice and wonder how cool it would have been to join them. The following year, I couldn’t wait to audition. I heard through the grapevine that you didn’t have a shot unless you could do the splits. “The splits?”, I thought. I spent everyday in front of the T.V streching and trying harder and harder to make it happen. And, I did it. (And still can!) I remember the audition like it happened yesterday. It was a rainy day in Union City California, we were in the band room and Ms. Shu was the color guard instructor. She was so cool and I wanted to be just like her. I made the team, and so the love for the art, the dance and the discipline continued.

Fast forward to my first year at James Logan High School. I didn’t make the team after my audition, however I was lucky enough to be placed on the “JV” team.  After weeks of camp someone dropped out and guess who they called to fill the spot? ME! I had to learn the entire show in two weeks, the same show they had been working on for months, along with the warm-ups and trying to adopt their technique. I remember going home every night and crying to my mother, saying “I can’t do this. They picked the wrong girl to fill in the spot”. My mother comforted me and reminded me that, they wouldn’t have given me the opportunity if they didn’t think I could do it.

One day, I felt like I hit a wall. I fell during rehearsal, still couldn’t get 27 points and dropped my flag during the run-through. Scott Chandler said, “Work smarter, Not harder”, Jessica Allen said, “Just breathe, you aren’t breathing” and Beth Karlin(Doebler at the time) said “You can do this, I don’t know why you aren’t” (in Beth’s voice). Something clicked, and I believe those three quotes have made me the person I am today.

After 4 years at Logan, after nursing my knee surgery, 4 years later again I was lucky enough to join the Concord Blue Devils, and spent the best 2 summers of my life touring the country, and Europe; dancing, performing, and doing something I had fallen in love with so many years before.

I aged out dare I say 7 years ago! And my love for the artistic sport continues to grow. I feel lucky to be a member of the Blue Devils family and can’t wait for 2013 and number 16! CONGRATS on the win, it’s well deserved!

Check out BD 360. I couldn’t be more Proud. “I smell smoke…”



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