Worthy Wednesday: Introduction to a new Guest

Greetings Meganda Films,

Today’s Worthy Wednesday is a worthy introduction to our newest Meganda Films guest blogger and intern.  Victoria Beatriz Moore is an ambitious 18 year old young woman whom recently moved to New York City with a little hope, a big dream, and a lot of bravery. Victoria was born in Arequipa Peru and came to America at the age of 4. With the emotional support of her parents, she made the move not knowing a single person in the big city. When asked, “In a perfect world in an ideal situation, what it is you want to be doing in your career? And where you see yourself in the future?” this is what she said:

My plans for my ideal future are simple. Candidly, I want to be happy living everyday as a lifetime, forgetting the difference between yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Acting is my main gig/love, but I also immensely enjoy writing, music, art, people, and everything outside and inside earth. Writing being the most beautiful art form has been with me since the beginning of our time. The human mind and how we think on paper, it’s just brilliant. Writing is the mental release, therapeutic relief, and profound understanding. Even more than that, much more than that.

Many still call me “ambitious” accompanied by a raised eyebrow of both worry and doubt. It’s alright. I want to share my life with the cinema, a limitless life without mental discrimination. The surrealism of the world surrounding you captured in an infinite number of perspectives, it sounds like the perfected philosophy to me. The movie show has been the missing link connecting you and I, he and she, and us and them. When asked what my plan “b” is, the expected answer would be that of a safety net. It only makes sense to me that your plan b should come after and not in replacement of your plan “A”. We all have our own definition of all of Webster’s words, including success.

After I am content with my artistic plan a, I want to go back to a University to study Astronomy. I desire to work for NASA or another Space program. I have always been captivated by anything celestial and unknown. I self-study on every subject. The more you know the more you experience, the more you experience the more you live. Becoming a nomad is also in here somewhere which could give birth to a never too cliché documentary (no sarcasm). It’s fundamental for me to say that one show I must see before the inevitable is Aurora Borealis. I only have a couple of request I know for certain, I will allow spontaneity to take the other side. I am experiencing an amazing feat right now. Living in New York at 18, it sounds absurd, but it’s alive as heaven and hell. There is no formula to happiness, just understanding. I only want to be alive while living.

P.S. I want to become a fulfilling Actress, Writer, overall Artist, Nomad, and Astronomer. (no sarcasm).

Over the next 6 months Victoria is going to be writing a bi-monthly blog on her “(My) Life in the city”. I am excited to see what’s in store for this brave young woman, whom in a short time has already inspired me to live a little. Stay Tuned.



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