Mental Graduation- Victoria Beatriz Moore


Mental Graduation. By Victoria Beatriz Moore

A newly, yet well-acquainted friend of mine once told me that it takes a certain character to move to the City. He said that being surrounded by people who believe in something greater is enough and that it’s all the fulfillment one needs. Companion; well said and intensely effective.

When we give ourselves the opportunity for a life of higher quality, it’s a beautiful thing. When you choose a lifetime of gratification over social and/or economic stability, there are a few things you attain instantly. One of them being a watered-down existence in the eyes of everyone who knows better, you almost have to fully alienate your genuine aspirations to be seen and heard seriously. The younger or older you are, the more of a fool you are for assuming you could pursue what stimulates your paradise. 18 years alive and I still have to deal with this mediocre philosophy. Childhood and I have grown with the obvious fact that happiness can be comfortably grasped. From building unknown Edens made of multicolored parallelograms to accepting my diploma and decision to authenticity; I have always relied on my own reality. Negativity was and is vivid in all circles.

Every time I have the honor of meeting someone with years in the show and tenacity business, it’s refreshing. I love it. They are the elite, more powerful than any rich or verified individual living in tomorrow. With that said, I am presently in the future as it should be.

I often, too often, hear the following in this or in a different format: “You’re in New York to do what?! Ha! Good luck! That’s hard, you should go to college for…”. It’s impressive how that’s insulting to everyone excluding me, ignoring the fact that they categorized themselves as incapable. For all those who want to become doctors, lawyers, policemen, teachers, engineers, or whatever, my sincerest apologies over this insane comment. College or any type schooling is not something to belittle either; it takes dedication and an always-apparent passion to emerge as sincerely successful. To become accomplished in any field is a journey itself and an idiot’s input is amusing. Thank you! I cosign to oblivion regarding deficient opinions, it’s better for everyone. Being young, I have been conjoined alongside the epithet naïve. Urgency to formalize my branding made it crucial for me to visit retirement homes and consult the most profound of us all. What some call “community service”, I called a selfish therapy session. From living through a variety of their times tragedies to seeing Frankie sing their most beloved songs live, they have experienced it all and gained a lifetime of divine awareness. I couldn’t have chosen another cast with more value in respect to everything. Considering their life and its entirety, all of my dear friends only made one thing clear; they told me to “enjoy”. Enjoy and select a career that you enjoy. Enjoy and make choices that you enjoy because at the end of the day you will enjoy the life you enjoyed or you will live the rest of your life in stillness. Not one of them called me Naïve. The distinct admiration and love I have for all of my kings and queens residing in these communities are infinite. I encourage everyone to put your ego’s aside and give yourselves a chance.  You are the one receiving the service, definitely not the other way around.

I am now living daily lifetimes enjoying every day in every available way. I have injected my friend’s words into my blood and will run with it from now on. Everyone has their own gig, own personalized enjoyment, therefore don’t be intimidated! When you often feel as if you have to pitch your aspirations to an audience, just think. Think about the audience and the speaker. You are the one in control and although your audience has their feedback, you are still the performer with a stage to yourself. They are in a crowd of many.


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