Worthy Wednesday: MF3! Feb. 24th 2013

To all of our supporters, friends,  relatives, and family who have supported Meganda Films; thank you for your spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial support. As Meganda Films celebrates another year of production, it has become more than just an annual event, it has become a celebration of accomplishments and a preview of goals to achieve.

With your support and encouragement in the past three years, we have produced two short films- OUR BEDTIME and AT THIS TABLE, a comedy called BIG TURKEY, our twist on Sh*t Waiters Say, begin filming our first documentary The F-Word, and continuing to on our first full length feature APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE with writer Caitlin Durante.

This past year our film AT THIS TABLE showed with great reviews at the Katra Film Series, as well as being an official selection for the Crown Heights Film Festival 2012. 

Our most recent achievement is obtaining the option for the book The Stillness of Love in Exile. This collaboration has been in the works for two years and I have finally finished the script for the last chapter of the book and filmtitle Noche Intempesta. In the words of the author:

“What can I say except that you’re a brilliant writer… Each scene elegantly and simultaneously reveals who people are, what the conflict is, and moves it forward… I am excited about your work as a filmmaker”- Rosa Martha Villarreal
If you are or are not able to join us on our special day we ask that you continue to support us from wherever you are; as we are creating our yearly souvenir brochure.  We encourage you to do so by advertising for your own endeavors, or to simply send us your best wishes and congratulatory messages. For AD info contact: megandafilms@gmail.com
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we continue to build a company to be proud of.
Megan Segarra

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