Worthy Wednesday: MF3 Performer Kaylyn Marie Scardefield

Kaylyn Marie Scardefield

Greetings Meganda Films Friends, Family, and Supports! Our Three year anniversary is only a month away and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! We’re excited to announce this week’s Worthy Wednesday kicks off our spotlight on the Up and Coming female performers helping us celebrate.

Our first female artist is the very talented  Kaylyn Marie Scardefield.  Kaylyn Marie Scardefield is an actress and singer/songwriter raised in various parts of the East Coast.
At age 13 she performed in her first play “The Sound of Music”. Shortly thereafter, she taught herself how to play guitar and began writing her own songs.

I first saw this lovely young lady perform this summer and was more than inspired by her vulnerable lyrics and sweet tone. She was just coming off a bus and shared the song she wrote on the bus ride moments before the show.

Meganda Films is excited to have Kaylyn be apart of our special day! We hope to see you all there.

“About that Time” (LIVE at the Bitter End)

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the amazing up and coming female artists helping us celebrate

THREE YEARS of Production !


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