Worthy Wednesday: MF3 Performer MelSoulTree


Greetings Meganda Films Friends, Family, and Supports! Our Three year anniversary is less than a month away and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! We’re excited to announce this week’s Up and Coming female performer helping us celebrate; the international recording & performing artist MelSoulTree.

MelSoulTree (Mel-Soul-Tree) is a SENSATIONAL SOUL…SINGER and PERFORMER . She engages audiences around the world with her STRONG stage presence, AMAZING voice and INCREDIBLE vocal range. MelSoulTree is an INTERNATIONAL vocalist who has established musical ties in 47 of the United States, 12 countries and on 4 continents. To date MelSoulTree has completed 3 solo CD’s. She has also made several guest appearances with other artists and has been featured on several soundtracks. MelSoulTree continues to grow as a performer and a recording artist. She’s respected in the industry as someone who will bring her “A” game to any project in the studio or on stage. MelSoulTree’s music is available on iTunes and wherever fine music is sold or downloaded. Be sure to check out MelSoulTree’s MUSIC STORE and MUSIC VIDEO links that feature her current recordings and videos which are sure to satisfy every music lover!- www.MelSoulTree.com

I am looking forward to seeing MelSoulTree’s electric, inspiring, and passionate performance as we celebrate three years in production. We hope to see you all there!

Excerpt of MelSoulTree singing “I’m Going Down” LIVE in Harlem, New York City.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the amazing up and coming female artists helping us celebrate

THREE YEARS of Production !


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