Worthy Wednesday: MF3 Performer Conchita Campos


Greetings Meganda Films Friends, Family, and Supports! Our Three year anniversary is less than TWO weeks away and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! We’re excited to announce this week’s Up and Coming female performer helping us celebrate is non other than the inspiring, amazing, not to mention talented; Conchita Campos.

Conchita and I met a million moons ago (aka) College. Her passionate performances and sweet sound made me an instant fan. Years later when I began producing my first film Our Bedtime, I contacted Conchita to see if she would be interested in donating music for the film. She did, I received a zip file full of music, and I took my pick; for that I will forever be grateful for this beautiful artists.

In 2007, when singer-songwriter Conchita Campos released her debut EP, the soul/acoustic rock based So it Goes, she explained the intimate, soul searching nature of her work as a reflection of the many geographic moves she had made both growing up and as an adult. Her childhood took her from Pasadena to Philly to The Philippines. A music major at San Francisco State, she settled in the Bay Area before her restless creative spirit took her to her current home base of New York City. Where to next? To borrow from the title of her first full length solo recording, a jazzier and more heavily grooving date featuring The Park, a well known band of her old classmates from SFSU, No One Really Knows.

And the inner exploration continues from So it Goes. Campos, whose first love was bossa nova and whose first post college gig was in promotions at S.F. radio stations 106 KMEL and Star 101, is quickly finding her way into the hearts and good graces of fans and critics across the country. In its review of So It Goes, All Music Guide wrote: “Norah Jones fans will feel right at home…But she traffics in the same musical style as Laura Nyro with sinuous rhythms that Campos negotiate with ease, playing with the grooves as well as the romantic messages.” The Biloxi Sun Herald used adjectives like “funky,” “catchy” and “melodic.”

She has performed everywhere from the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco to NYC hotspots like The Bitter End, Public Assembly and Sidewalk Cafe. Beyond her recording and performing endeavors, she’s worked in arts education and recently obtained a master’s in public administration from Baruch College. Today, she’s focused on combining her love for music with her passion for social justice, and you can catch her performing at various fundraisers and events around the city.

Conchita Campos via the trailer for Our Bedtime .

I am more than excited to see Conchita’s amazing performance as we celebrate three years in production.

We hope to see you all there!

Thank you to all the amazing up and coming female artists

helping us celebrate

THREE YEARS of Production !


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