Worthy Wednesday: MF3 2013 ~We did it!

– Meganda Films LLC’s annual event is more than a festive celebration. It’s a retrospective look back at our accomplishments and an exclusive preview of the upcoming projects set for release in 2013.

Check out our Events Page to see photos from our special day.

At our celebration we were joined by 3 amazing Up and Coming Female artists. Kaylyn Marie Scardefield, Nicole Maxali, and Conchita Campos. Thank you for sharing our day with us!

We also screened a “Preview” for our film The F-Word. The F-Word is our first documentary, and so far has been a real struggle and has made several changes rom the moment of conception to the now, and it is still continuing to change. This project continues to inspire me, and drive me to continue ‘The Conversation’. If were not able to join us on our special day, here is a preview from our first Documentary. This is just the beginning…. Stay Tuned.


We are still filming for The F-Word if you want to participate or share your story with us please contact us at megandafilms@gmail.com 


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