Worthy Wednesday: Noche Intempesta


This week’s Worthy Wednesday is a spotlight on our most recent achievement; the option for The Stillness of Love in Exile. This collaboration has been in the works for two years and I have finally finished the script for the last chapter of the book and film title Noche Intempesta. We are currently in pre-production for the film, and hope to be in full production by the end of this year. I am more than excited to be working on such an amazing piece of writing, and look forward to getting a chance to share the story.

In the words of the author: (Response to the script) 

“What can I say except that you’re a brilliant writer… Each scene elegantly and simultaneously reveals who people are, what the conflict is, and moves it forward… I am excited about your work as a filmmaker”- Rosa Martha Villarreal
Rosa Martha Villarreal’s fictional work combines science fiction, existentialism, and the history of Mexico. Her critically acclaimed books  Doctor Magdalena: novella and Chronicles of Air and Dreams: A Novel of Mexico are part of special collections for Latino Studies in numerous academic institutions, including the Smithsonian Library.  The Stillness of Love Exile was the recipient of 2008 IPPY Award Silver Medal and the PEN Josephine Miles Literary Award for best Fiction in 2008.

Through the medium of the novel, Villarreal questions the nature of reality. Can a person inhabit more than one time and place? Are there multiple universes, as Kabbalists believe? Time and space are dealt with as fluid, leaving the reader with intriguing material for thought.—Maria Espinosa, author Longing (American Book Award)

In the tradition of Gabriel García Márquez, acclaimed California-based novelist Rosa Martha Villarreal’s third novel, The Stillness of Love and Exile, makes the reader believe time travel is possible, not through a contraption or a machine but through the fluid nature of reality.—The Santa Barbara Independent

The Spanish language version was released in August, 2012.  It’s available through Barnes & Noble (print only) , Amazon.com both as print and Kindle edition.  The Kindle editions for both languages are priced at $3.99.

Continue to stay tuned as we move forward…



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