Worthy Wednesday: East WillyB Second Season!


Just one year ago with the support of the community and a little over 600 kickstarter supporters the web series East WillyB  was able to raise over $51,000 and became the 1st Community-Funded Latino Sitcom. Today they launch the first episode of the second season.

East WillyB chronicles the adventures of Bushwick Sports Bar owner Willie Jr., and his motley crew of bar regulars, as they deal with the trials and tribulations of living in an ever changing Brooklyn. Named the “Latino Show for the New Generation,” by the New York Times, East WillyB is a fresh new comedy which explores the humors and tensions when cultures collide in the face of gentrification.

“East WillyB is an inspiring example that, like independent film, independent television can be make by creative people with their own voice. Gimme More!” – Greg Daniels, developer of “The Office” and Co-creator of Parks and Recreation”

Make sure to check out the 1st Episode of Season Two, which is LIVE Today!!!

I promise you will laugh out loud, share it with everyone you know and wait in anticipation for episodes to come.

Please view, share on social media, and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel!  

WATCH IT NOW: http://youtu.be/qVsNy032N6A

Congratulations to  Creators -Julia Grob and Yamin Segal 

and the rest of the East WillyB family


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