Worthy Wednesday: MF3 Celebrates on the West Coast: June 1, 2013


Meganda Films LLC expands their 3rd year in production celebration to the west coast, with a retrospective look back at the innovative filmmakers’ annual accomplishments and an exclusive extended preview of the upcoming projects set for release in 2013.

In just three short years, Meganda Films LLC has released two shorts- OUR BEDTIME and AT THIS TABLE, two comedies BIG TURKEY, and a twist on Sh*t Waiters Say, and began filming their first documentary The F-Word. In addition, they are in pre-production for their first full-length feature APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE, by Caitlin Durante.

In 2012, AT THIS TABLE received critical acclaim at the Katra Film Series, and was an official selection for the Crown Heights Film Festival 2012.  -“We are extremely honored to be part of the CHFF”- says Megan Segarra, president of Meganda Films LLC. “This is our second project and I’m excited to share it with such a large audience.” The short film was written and produced by Segarra and the directorial debut of April Dawn Wilkner. April Wilkner, an “America’s Next Top Model” alumni also had a supporting role in Meganda Films’ first short, “Our Bedtime.”

Meganda Films LLC’s is excited to announce their most recent achievement: obtaining the option for the book The Stillness of Love in Exile. This collaboration has been in the works for two years and Segarra has completed the script for the last chapter of the book and titled the film Noche Intempesta. In the words of the author:

“What can I say except that [Megan Segarra is] a brilliant writer… Each scene elegantly and simultaneously reveals who people are, what the conflict is, and moves it forward… I am excited about [her] work as a filmmaker”– Rosa Martha Villarreal 

On June 1st 2013, in San Francisco CA – Meganda Films LLC will be showing an extended preview of their first documentary, The F-Word.

“We understand what causes obesity, being overweight, and unhealthy lifestyles; but do we understand the psychological effects it has on us as people? The mental effects it has, and has had on shaping our generation, and the next generation.  We want to document a conversation about this word.”- The F-Word.

Tickets: suggested $20 –
Including Drinks and Hors’ devours

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Thank you for your support of Meganda Films as we endeavor to bring art into our world. We hope to see you there!



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