Worthy Wednesday: MF3 West ~ We did it!


MF3 West~ We Did it!

After celebrating three years in production in New York, we decided to continue celebrating and introduce Meganda Films to the west coast. Just over three months ago I was trying to plan and prepare for a celebration on the other side of the country, wondering if people would come out, if they would enjoy the night, and give feedback on our work so far. On June 1st we showed the west coast who Meganda Films is, what we have done in the last three years, and how with their support; we are moving forward. I am happy to announce MF3 West was a huge success! The positive response from the event has been overwhelming and humbling.

Thank you to all our supporters! A special thanks to: Richard Mercuri, Alexis David, Paulina Orozco, Jason Ortega, Jonathan Segarra, Honorata Lindsay, Michael Segarra, Wonway Posibul, Terril Jamon Douglas Bing Lim, Paulino Love, Robin David, Dominic Cheng, Rosa Martha Villarreal, De Mira Mario “Nomi” and the FCC, and Darryl Smith with the Luggage Store Gallery. Because of you the evening was magical and I feel so lucky, proud,  and honored to know all of you!

To everyone new to Meganda Films thank your for your presence, I hope you will continue to support us in the future. To all my friends and family that have been following my work since day ONE thank you for your love and encouragement it really means more than I will ever be able to express!

Please check out the amazing OpenLine Media entertainment blog spotlighting Meganda Films and MF3 West!


For everyone that missed the event here are some photos- courtesy of Paulino Love and Open Line Media

Stay Tuned for what’s to come… It’s just the beginning.


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