Worthy Wednesday: MBC Casting Tip #008~ “Get Ready to Up Your Game”


TIP #008 

“Get Ready To Up Your Game!!”

June 2013

Last month I attended a concert at Pace University and was totally blown away at the level of talent of the students who are entering the business. I have also watched several university showcases and have come to the conclusion that the performers who will be joining the business will be fierce competition for those who been anxiously waiting their turn to be cast. These young performers are truly triple threats and are seriously trained. I could not believe that I was watching performers who have not even graduated yet.

So here’s the deal. This revelation was really inspiring for me because it is very exciting that the theater programs in New York are so developed and are producing such great work.  What is concerning for me is that performers who have not studied in a few years are at such a disadvantage.  They are really going to have to up their game if they want to compete with these young, competitive and highly trained young performers.

So my advice is this: If you have not trained in a while and are using the same songs, same monologues, and are set in a routine….get out of it immediately!!! Take classes, extend your repertoire and dig deep to find that motivation that you once had when you first moved to New York. Because if you don’t, these students who are about to graduate will be ready to take your spot. You really have to make sure you are at the same level, which means putting in the time and maybe even starting fresh.

From a casting stand point, we are looking for someone who is not only trained but incredibly eager.  We need someone who will be easy to work with and offer a high level of professionalism. If you have been in the business for a few years then you are probably gaining contacts and are aware of how you should present yourself at an audition and on the job. So make sure that you don’t get looked over! Be aware that there is always going to be someone else ready to take the job so you need to be polished and exude confidence in every situation.

>Melanie Briggs Casting LLC 


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