Worthy Wednesday: ADVANTAGEOUS- Kickstarter Campaign


Dear Meganda Films friends, family and supporters! Advantageous needs our support! They are on a quest to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter. Here is a little history:

Originally developed for ITVS’ mini-narrative series Futurestates, which explores the possible future realities of our world, ADVANTAGEOUS began as a short film and screened at festivals across the country, winning awards and accolades from coast to coast. With support from the San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse residency, director Jennifer Phang teamed up with the short film’s star Jacqueline Kim to develop the script into a feature and expand this future-world for audiences everywhere.

I am so very excited about this project. A dear friend of Meganda Films, Theresa Navarro has been brought on board as a producer on the film. In 2011, Theresa was featured as one of 15 Asian Pacific American Women Leaders for her work in promoting the media arts. We at Meganda Films are so very proud of her, and want to spread the word as to how we can help get this film made.

~You can help support this film with a pledge as simple as $1.00~ 

A message from the director: (via kickstarted campaign)

We felt it was the right time to take a hard look at issues surrounding the future of women. Stories of mothers sacrificing and suffering for their children proliferate across generations and cultures. But this time we are looking at this story through a futuristic lens and looking closely at the strengths that parents can pass on to their children.

We’re envisioning a time when competition for employment and education has reached a crisis point. In this future, pressures on women to strive to an appealing visual ideal are hidden, but pervasive. And this tale is ultimately a reaction to the ways we try to improve ourselves to attain success. Through science-fiction, we focus on urgent issues (with present-day relevance) pertaining to the future of women, social mobility, education, and how they all connect. We are also telling a story about how a mother teaches her daughter the importance of nurturing herself and others in need of help.

We’re excited to build upon the short film’s critical acclaim and expand the world of ADVANTAGEOUS. The short was initially commissioned by ITVS for PBS, launched onFuturestates.tv and PBS.org in 2012 and has screened for a wide variety of audiences. The film has received great responses throughout its festival run: Tribeca Film Festival,Comic-ConFantastic FestHawaii Int’l Film FestivalPhiladelphia Film FestivalSan Diego Asian Film FestivalPhiladelphia Asian American Film FestivalCAAMfest(formerly the SF Asian American Film Festival), Walnut Creek Short Film Festival and won Best Science Fiction Film at the Rhode Island Horror Festival and the Golden Reel Award for Excellence in Short Film at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Now we want the film to reach its fullest potential and bring it to a wider audience.

Congratulations to ADVANTAGEOUS, we can’t wait to see the full length feature on the big screen! 


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