An Intern’s View! with Paulina #theIntern

A Review from Paulina #theIntern! (JUNE 21st 2013) 

Monsters University


Twelve years ago, Disney’s Pixar introduced us to the team behind our worst nightmares in the 3D animation Monsters, Inc. Last night was the official release of their second installment to the series, Monsters University. This movie tells the story of Mike and Sully, before they were high ranked “scarers”, when they were just freshman in the prestigious Monsters University, trying to fit in and excel in the scaring industry Majoring as “Scarers”. Even in Monstropolis however, it is hard to avoid the hardships brought on by stereotypical professors, fraternities, and roommates in college.       


Between then and now, I have graduated from high school and completed my first year of college at New York University, studying Film and Television. It is amazing to me how well the Pixar team managed to capture the essence of a first year in college in a G rated animation. I could especially related, because the Film and Television program at NYU is probably just as famous as the Scarer program at MU. The competition to be the best is probably the most relatable. Going into the film program, I was more than a bit ignorant of many industry must-know’s and must-seen’s. I am almost still embarrassed and ashamed to say, I did not know who Martin Scorsese was, I didn’t there was a known list of 100 top movies, and I had never watched the Oscars. I still question each day how in the world I made it into this HIGHLY selective program. Going into NYU’s film program I was Mike Wazowski, ready to learn, but lacking that something. That lacking would be the cause of many periods of self-doubt, and ambition loss. In a program like that, how can there not be? I started to believe that there was mold that film students needed to fit in to be successful and I was just not morphing to fit in it.

After joining a not so scary fraternity, almost losing the scaring games, and being humiliated in front of the entire university, Mike decides to take Oozma Kappa to the place where his ambitions and dreams stem from, where our love for these characters was first created, Monsters Incorporated. Here, the not so scary looking frat notices something extremely valuable, “No monster is the same”. Every scarer working at Monsters Inc looked different and had different skills. What made them successful was knowing their strengths AND weaknesses so they can use them appropriately.

This is a lesson I am constantly trying to incorporate in following years to come. As a film and television student, I do not have to try and mold into somebody I previously wasn’t to become successful. I need to take the skills I am learning, apply them into my life, the way that I work, and work hard.

Movie Moral of the Day, brought to you by Monsters University:

Be Yourself, Work Hard, Become Successful on your Own Terms.



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