Worthy Wednesday: Despicable Me 2 Review!

Apologies for the late post, but we hope you enjoy the review from our wonderful intern Paulina!
Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 is the continuation of  Gru’s life, after adopting the three young sisters who showed him a brighter side to life in the first installment. No longer a Super Villain, Gru try’s his hardest to be Super Dad, with some help from the minions. Everything seems to be “working” until Agnes, the youngest of the sisters starts having trouble reciting a few lines for a mothers day recital. Gru feels awful, but according to a flashback, he was never good with the ladies. Throughout, several people try and help him date around. Of course the perfect set up to a ** SPOILER** **BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT COMING** happy ending, and what could be more happier than a wedding?

Personally, I thought Gru was enough for these girls. I didn’t think it was necessary to strive for “The perfect family look”, but because it’s a children’s animation, it can slide. It wasn’t the best part of the movie. There’s nothing new and exciting about this part of the movie. Although his date fails are pretty funny.

In the second part of the story, Gru has been recruited by the Anti-Villain-League to help find the villain who stole the polar Circle. He is assigned a partner, Lucy, and together they are to find the perpetrator who is disguised as a storeowner at the mall. Gru is very convinced that the Mexican restaurant owner is the guy they are looking for because of his striking resemblance to El Macho, a super villain who supposedly died, and because his son is trying to date his eldest daughter, Margo. That lowers the credibility of his opinion, especially because there is no evidence. The AVL gets antsy and impatient.  They want a villain now.

With this part of a movie, there is a little “twist”, but it is so predictable that I really hesitate calling it a twist. It does give the movie as a whole motivation to keep going and to thicken the plot, but I’ll be honest, it’s not the best part of the movie.


Let’s be real. The minions are the heart and soul of DM and DM2. I just wanted to know what their next move was going to be. I wanted to know if I could have one. They are the best things I’ve seen in a while. Their personalities are crafted so well, they are all the same, but different at the same time. The cherry on top is the number at the end during the wedding.

DM2 offers you a warmhearted laugh. It’s average in what you expect out of a children’s movie, so average I couldn’t really relate to it much, but at least it has the minions!

Movie Moral of the Day, brought to you by Despicable Me 2:

Just add Minions and you’ll make millions!


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