Worthy Wednesday: Our 3rd Annual More Than A Game Tournament


On September 28th~Meganda Films LLC, presents

Our 3rd Annual

More Than A Game Basketball Tournament 

Our annual More Than A Game basketball tournament is a way to get involved and give back to the community.

We believe much like art, the love of sports has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together.

Arts and other outlets of expression programs are slowly disappearing in our community. Every year we partner with a non-profit organization to fundraise for youth programs, which provide an avenue for students to create. Supporting our belief of, “Create, Grow, Why not?”.

Our annual tournament is truly more than a game. It’s a way to give back, and get involved while building community and having fun at the same time..

In previous years, we’ve raised money for the Global Action Project, and Brooklyn Music.

This year on September 28th 2013, at the East River Park,  Meganda Films will be hosting our annual tournament in order to help raise money for two amazing organizations: Reel Lives and the Royal Basketball Association.
REELLIVESReel Lives uses media for education, empowerment and social change. Reel Lives’ students create documentaries to be used as centerpieces in our media education and human rights advocacy initiatives along with our Media That Matters premiere shorts collection of over 180 films.
The mission of Royal Basketball Academy (RBA) is to empower inner-city youth, through basketball and character development, to strive for excellence and recognize their unique contributions to the world. With programs in schools in Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan providing mentorship relationships, showing great success in their delivery model.

If you are interested in creating a team for the tournament, becoming a sponsor, or making a donation to Meganda Films for the “More Than a Game” basketball tournament email us at megandafilms@gmail.com .

For registration information visit: http://www.morethanbball.org



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