Worthy Wednesday: An Intern’s View~ Spotlighting Shonda Rhimes


Shonda Rhimes is an African-American television producer, writer and director. Unlike Jenji Kohan, Shonda was not born into the business. She had a knack for storytelling at a young and enjoyed sharing them with her friends and family. She pursed her love for stories by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. Later she moved farther forward by studying screenwriting at the University of Southern California, a highly renowned school for Film and Television.  A few years after graduating, Rhimes’ made her Directorial Debut with the short film  “Blossoms and Veils” starring Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jeffrey Wright. This marked the beginning of a very successful career.

Rhimes is most well known as the creator of Grey’s Anatomy.  The show plays Thursday nights during prime time. This holds huge significance for Rhimes, as she is the FIRST African-American Woman to create a show on a major network that runs on prime time. Grey’a Anatomy continues to be successful currently running on it’s 10th season. Rhimes continues to work on Grey’s but has also created a spin off show to Grey’s and the drama series Scandal.

In an interview she had on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Rhimes said that she used to joke around and tell people, “I am going to rule the world through television.” It was a joke, but it reflected her strong ambition and passion to tell stories. Oprah suggested Rhimes is very well on her way to this joked about goal considering she has three successful shows on primetime.

I really admire Shonda Rhimes and her successes in the industry especially as a woman of color. She clearly had a talent and goal from when she was younger and didn’t let anyone stop her from reaching it. She seems like the kind if woman who makes things happen through her confidence and leadership. She represents what it should take to be successful in the industry:Talent, Creativity, Drive!



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