Fund Noche Intempesta

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Thank you to everyone that supported our first ever Kickstarter campaign…Although our efforts showed to be less successful than we had hoped. “I have never been one to give up, I have always been the person to reassess, re-plan, and start again. With the pledges of our kickstarter supports we have a base to start with in our producing efforts but we need a little more help, because I am moving forward with producing this film!”. –Katherine Megan Segarra (Meganda Films LLC Founder) 


Meganda Films is not a big studio or large company. We are a small woman lead grassroots production company, working independently where every dollar is stretched and much of our work has been financed out of our own pockets with love and by the selflessness of our team, volunteers, and supporters.

In order to be the high quality short film Noche Intempesta deserves to be, we need your financial support. We’ve secured some resources, some housing and locations with goodwill from supporters – to whom we are eternally grateful. Your financial support will be used to create, produce and deliver a powerful love story that transcends time and space.

How to support Noche Intempesta?

There are still many ways to support Noche Intempesta, outlined below. All donations are still greatly appreciated. We are looking for supporters to be our ambassadors, sponsors, and donators.

SUPPORTERS: ‘Noche’ Ambassador:

Our ‘Noche’ Ambassadors are individuals that will help us promote and share our fundraising efforts with friends, family, co-workers and social their media community. Helping us find individuals looking to help us produce our film, and by helping us gain support from our community. Ambassadors will also continue to help get small donations where every little bit helps.

SPONSORS: Associate Producer:

Sponsors become Associate Producers with sponsorships $2,000 or more. They are also eligible for an individual custom-designed sponsorship plan.


Donors are those who either provide cash or in-kind donations for goods or services towards the film. In-Kind donations consist of food, production services, housing, transportation, etc.

** Donors can email for more information

Below is a list of items that we are raising funds to cover:
-Feeding our crew and cast
-Camera Equipment
-Lighting Equipment
-Sound Equipment
-Travel and housing
-Production Design


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