Noche Intempesta

Noche Poster1

Noche Intempesta is an adaptation of the final chapter of the PEN Award winning novel The Stillness Of Love in Exile. The collaboration between Katherine Megan Segarra, founder and owner of Meganda Films LLC and author Rosa Martha Villarreal has been in the works for over two years. In 2013, the revised script for Noche Intempesta was completed. In the words of the author:

“What can I say except that [Katherine Megan Segarra is] a brilliant writer… Each scene elegantly and simultaneously reveals who people are, what the conflict is, and moves it forward… I am excited about [her] work as a filmmaker… [Segarra has] made an artistic leap here that superlatives cannot describe”– Rosa Martha Villarreal 


The Stillness of Love in Exile, is a love story that transcends time and space, where “[Lilia] would find love three times, but ultimately she chose to believe it was only once and one man she loved”. In the final chapter, “the night of stillness”; the stars realign themselves, the invisible becomes visible and it is still conceivable to lose one’s self in the heart-spirit of silence. In Noche Intempesta, the imagery poses the rhetorical questions about the nature of love and identity, and the secret beauty of desires.


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