At This Table

AT THIS TABLE is the story of a blended family that has fallen apart.  One night, they all sit down over dinner to celebrate an engagement, but the absence of one family member brings forth the tensions that lay buried under the table and in their hearts.  As the food is served and the wine is poured, the family starts to breakdown, but that night, they attempt once and for all to begin to put it back together.

Check out the trailer:

Director – April Wilkner
Producer – Megan Segarra
Director of Photography – Tom Kane
Sound Mixer – Will Whatley
Assistant Director – Cheryl Hescott
Production Assistant – Carolyn Tran

Casting Director- Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC

Megan Segarra

Graham Powell
Tyrone Grant
Alexandra Schulz
Michelle Sims
Cynthia Bastidas


9 thoughts on “At This Table

  1. The trailer for “At This Table” looks great. I cannot wit for the completed project. You really have a great future ahead. Keep up the wonderful inspiring work.


  2. I’m intrigued esp. since we caught the characters in the middle of the boiling pt. Makes you wonder what happened? And how or if this will resolve? Really good.

  3. Yes this is true, Andrea, it really dies make one wonder what happened? All too often, however, these are common narratives existential to most human realties which manifests it self in a variety of ways.
    At This Table, in addition, will preach!!! Yessah!!! The table represents what my professor Dr. Bill Webber, past president of New York Theological Seminary, called a Greek word: “Koinonia” describe as the type of community comes with one breaking bread like the Passover meal.
    But the table in the house, there are several social issues in family order. This is nothing new because we can trace family disfunction all the back to Adam & Eve. It challenges my soul to want to know how many in our current 21st Century context are experiencing these are similar issues. And more importantly, I think Ty bring awareness to such an issue is a good step toward creating an alternative narrative.
    Very powerful, Bishop Grant!:-)

  4. Ive fallen in love with the trailer already; & highly anticipate the release of the movie, so, I may support!
    You better Act & take command Tyrone!!!
    I’m so proud of my brother Ty; & the way, he has influenced my Lyfe, over the years, the way he pursues his roles, with “Passion”!!!
    Keep me posted on the release?!?

  5. Ty!!! I am really really happy for you. This looks great and I am so ready to see the finished product. I know you are proud of this body of work.

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