Our Bedtime

OUR BEDTIME – A Short Film about Loss and Love.

Roxanne, a newly widowed mother of one, struggles to move on after the sudden loss of her husband.  His absence paralyzes her to the point where she feels she cannot leave her bed– their bed; the place where all she can do now is relive the memories of their former life.  Slowly over time, she begins to see the impact of her grief on her family, and learns that moving on is all she can do, both for her… and for them.

Trailer to Meganda Films first feature Our Bedtime

Visit our IMDb page for Our Bedtime

Executive Producer- Megan Segarra
Screenplay by- Megan Segarra
Director- Elliot Loewenstein
Casting Director- Melanie Briggs
Assistant Director- Erica Overholt
Director of Photography- Thomas Kane
Editors- Micheal Luckett, Mike Ren
Assitant Camera- Oliver Anderson
Production Assistant- Thomas C. Anawalt
Sound Mixer- Eric Branting
Makeup- Jenn Paelmo, Christy Smith, Lillie Lindh

Megan Segarra
Jerry Baxtron
April Dawn Wilkner
Delaney Diaz
Danny Wiseman

Special thanks:
Carolyn Tran
Eileen Achacoso 
Michelle Diaz
Mitchel Wu


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