The F-Word


The F-Word documentary is based on an article I wrote in 2006. The article was inspired by a conversation I had with my then 7-year-old sister calling herself “fat”. At 7 years old she asked my stepmother if she was fat, as I had called myself fat in front of her a few days before. She took the words I used to describe myself and internalized them. “Am I fat, if everyone says I look like Megan, and she thinks she’s fat, does that mean I am fat too?” My heart broke that day and I was no longer allowed to use the “F-word” around her or my other 5 years old sister. This conversation made me rethink about the way I talked about myself, the effects the word has on us as women, and the greater effects it has on the next generation of young girls and women.

The F-Word documentary was created to encourage people to be more conscious of the way the word fat is used. Our hope is that this film can play a part in a larger movement about self-image and self-worth. Let’s challenge ourselves to be more mindful of how we bully others and more importantly, how we bully ourselves.

The importance of this film is not measured by the amount of people that watch it, but rather the amount of people that will be inspired by the film to challenge themselves to share their story, and start a real conversation about the word fat.

The act to be more aware of how we use the word fat, its effects, starts with one story, one person saying:

I am not going to bully others. I am not going to bully myself. I am going to be kind and respectful of the people around me, and to myself.

Stay Tuned!


If you do not want to be interviewed on camera you can also take the survey, as well and keep your name anonymous.

We will continue to keep you posted as we continue to Film.

Thank you for your support.


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